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4 Favourite Lipsticks And A MAC Dupe

Thursday, 6 August 2015
I thought I'd put together this little post on my 4 favourite lipsticks and while I was doing it, I realized I had a MAC dupe among my collection.

MAC Cosmo: I have mentioned this lipstick in so many blog posts but seriously, I wear it most days. This is an amplified finish and its a pink lipstick with slightly brown undertones, which make it quite rosy. 
Pros: Very creamy, it glides onto the so easily and in full pigment.
Doesn't need layers to build up pigment. 
Has a natural shine and doesn't dry out the lips.
Fades nicely and doesn't go patchy.
Cons: A bit more expensive than other lipsticks
Doesn't last all day.

Clinique Black Honey Lipstick: This is a slightly nostalgic shade for me because I wore it for my prom. I went for a natural look for prom and this was perfect because its more sheer than a normal lipstick but it adds a nice shine and colour to your lips; it reminds me off when you eat berries and you get a pinky, red colour to your lips. I really love this and I will always repurchase. It's marketed as an 'Almost Lipstick' and I completely agree, it has pigment but feels like a balm on the lips.

Pros: Light texture on the lips, it feels more like a balm but has more pigment.
Moisturising on the lips.
Subtle, natural colour.
Has a nice shine but is not sticky.
Bigger than a normal lipstick.
Cons: A bit expensive if you're more into full colour lipsticks.
Doesn't last all day.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick In 08: This is the Mac Dupe colour because its basically the same as Cosmo but is more pink in tone. I used to wear this so much and it's been well loved, as you can probably see. 
Pros: Can be natural or built up easily for a more intense look.
Has a slight shine to it so it looks natural.
Lasts for a long time on the lips and fades well.
Cons: Sometimes feels a bit dry.
Can look a bit too dark in the winter when I'm very pale.

Ted Baker Nude: This was a Christmas gift and it's my go to nude ever since. It's a more peachy nude and its a really creamy formula, so its perfect for a glam look or a natural, everyday shade.
Pros: Creamy finish makes it easy to wear.
Very pigmented so you dont need a lot of layers to build up a colour.
Isnt too nude that it washes you out because of the peachy undertones.
Brightens up your face nicely.
Cons: Sometimes highlights dry patches.
Doesn't last all day.

MAC Cosmo Vs. Kate Moss 08:
I've already outlined the pros and cons of both lipsticks but now I'll compare the pros and cons of both together and try to reach a judgement. 

1: Rimmel is cheaper buy around £10. So obviously if you're on a budget you're better off going for Rimmel because they are really similar in colour.
2: Cosmo is more creamy. I'd say that if you prefer a more moisturising, creamy formula go for MAC because it glides on better and is more soft on the lips.
3: Rimmel lasts longer. MAC is more creamy but that means that it doesn't last as long on the lips, so if you're looking for a long lasting, all day lipstick Rimmel would be a better option. However the lasting power does make the formula more dry, so just keep that in mind if you have quite dry lips already.
4: Cosmo is a warmer colour. This can be a pro or a con depending on your skin tone but for me I prefer a warmer shade because otherwise I get washed out. So if you prefer a darker, warm shade, go for MAC; if you like a cooler tone, lighter shade, go for Rimmel.

Result:  Personally I'd opt to save up a little more and go for the MAC because I prefer the colour and formula but I do think the Rimmel shade is perfect if you want to try it first and see if you'd like the colour. Rimmel would be a great one to go for if you're not too sure on the shade and you can see if you would wear it. I'd only advise going for Cosmo if you don't mind spending a bit more, even if you don't like it as much, or if you know you really like these kinds of shades. 

Hope this helped xox

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