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Style Snippet: Dressing For A Rainy Summers Day

Monday, 27 July 2015
So today was one of those typical English summer days, a bit warm but rainy. I find these outfits quite hard to style because you dont want to look dull but you also want to layer up and be warmer and not wet. So I tried to put together this rainy day/transitional outfit.

Basically I'm just wearing A shirt from ASOS with a scalloped collar because I think it adds a cute detail but is also nice alone if you get too warm. I then added this light grey Colorado jumper that I got from new look ages ago; I think its nice and warm but also keeps the outfit light and nice for summer. I think you could probably get a nicer one in a vintage store but I like the jumper because it gives a sporty edge but then paired with the scalloped collar keeps it easier to wear, so you dont have to go for the full on sporty look. I just wore my usual Leigh jeans, which are great for rain because they aren't uncomfortable wet like tights can be. I added my rain coat and a canvas tote that I got from Edinburgh and I was out. The outfit worked really well and I was warm enough but still felt fine for the summer (even if it feels more like autumn) . I would say though, you should wear a thicker bag because I was stupid and didn't think that canvas would get soaked. 

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