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Skincare Tips: Dry, Spot Prone Skin

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Tip 1- E45 is a savior!! I've done my research into keeping my skin moisturized and a lot of people recommend products way out of my price range, so I tried E45 cream after I'd used it to clear up an outbreak of dry skin.
It works really well and theres no harsh alcohols in it so it wont upset dry skin or spots. My skin used to be so dry that my makeup would dry into my laugh lines but when I use this it becomes easier to just wipe them away. Also because it isn't harsh it helps to moisturize without blocking pours; I cant rave about it enough!

Tip 2- Use a lighter base with a more heavy-duty concealer. When I've had a breakout I used to load my skin up with heavy foundation to cover it and, of course, I'd look cakey and over done. Heavier foundations just cling to dry patches and extenuate problem areas, so now I use a thin layer of foundation with a Beauty Blender or a BB cream. Of course this will show spots and I'm not confident enough to go out with them visible so I use my Mac Studio Fix concealer (or Rimmel Wake Me Up as a cheaper  alternative) to cover them. This technique allows you to cover what you want but keeps the rest of your skin fresh and clear. Plus the Wake me Up concealer can be used to help keep your under eyes concealed but non dry because it is dewy and creamy, so it wont add to the dryness of your face like some heavier products.

Tip 3- Embracing and enhancing a glow. When I first started using makeup I would powder my face till it was fully matte because I thought if I had shine on my face people would think that I was oily and Greasy because of my spots too but this just made my dry problems worse and enhanced the fact my skin was bad. Instead I now powder in the places I need to (T zone) but use dewy products like my BB cream and my Topshop Glow highlighter to brighten up my skin and make it appear less dull and dry. Also putting the E45 on before helps to enhance this and make your skin look less dull and dry but you are still able to cover spots using the last tip.  

Tip 4- Glossy lips. Usually lips dont come into these skin care tips but I find that if my lips looks moisturized them it wake my whole face up. I find my dry skin can make me look tired and all that concealing can sometimes make me look flat so adding a pop of colour to the lips can help all of that. Matte lips often enhance the rest of my dry skin during the day because they tend to dry out, so I use more shear and creamy lip colours. The YSL one is more shear so its a great everyday colour to just awaken my face without adding more skin products and overloading my pours. (For a cheaper option try any lip glosses or balms). I then use the Mac colour on days when I want a more full on look and more of a statement makeup instead of natural. This formula of lipstick gives you the colour, like a matte lip, without being dry. (A cheaper option, I love, is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks). 


  1. Wow! I recently discovered your blog and I love it!
    These tips are really helpful for me because I have acne and find it hard to conceal the spots without causing an outbreak! I'm definitely going to try E45. :)

    Sneha xx

    1. Aw thank you! And same, I usually have to just deal with it till they go down. Aw you should, it's perfect for after you've used spot products that dry your skin out a bit! Thank you for reading💟Xx

  2. Just love seeing you grow from the young blogger then to the mature woman you are now! Always kept updated with your posts! Lots of love,


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