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How To Have A Productive Pajama Day

Wednesday, 29 July 2015
Now that summers here, I'm spending a lot more time at home trying to get things done, instead of having college to go to. I hate sitting around the house in jeans or clothes because it's just not comfortable and it's a waste of an outfit (haha). So I've put together some things I do to keep myself productive, while being in Pj's. 

First I tidy the areas around me.

Even spaces where I may not be sitting, I tidy because I feel like it clear my mind more. If im sat around a mess I just can't think properly and it makes me feel gross. I just take a few minutes before I start anything to just quickly tidy and it makes it so much easier to just get on and concentrate. Also its a good idea to tidy up the space where you will be working, so here I tidied up where my pens and books were and this gives me a clean space to work and again a clean frame of mind.

Make a List of goals and tick them as you go.

I think this is a great idea because it makes you have a end goal to reach, which helps motivate you. I know if  I do this I feel really bad if I get to the end of the day and haven't ticked everything, so it makes me want to work. If you really cant get motivated, like when revising, you could also try adding time slots and fully planning your day. I think doing this just gives you set goals and gives you a plan for the day so you dont fall under the trap of getting into bed and being lazy.

Turn your phone on silent!!
This is a hard one but I think we all know it helps us be more productive. When I really want to get on and get work done I put more phone face down and I turn off distractions like youtube or instagram. It helps when you cant hear or see them because you dont get distracted and I find I get so much more work done when I'm without them. I would say you should allow breaks, when im working or revising I usually take a break every time my mind starts to wander. This may make things slower because you're stopping but for me it works because I have a fresh mind every time I go to work.

Treat yourself throughout the day.
This links into the last one when I said to take time to check social media if you want; when I've been working I alway take time to just go downstairs and grab myself a coffee and a snack. I think giving yourself a target like "once I ticked this off the list I'll get a coffee" works really well as a motivation because it gives you something to look forward to. Also its good to keep yourself fulfilled and not forget to eat or drink, if you try and work all day without a break, you'll just become run down and it will show in the work you're producing. Take some time for yourself and refresh.


  1. I love this post:)

    Stay fabulous x

  2. Your so organised, my PJ day usually consists of me scrolling through Pinterest, watching YouTube and listening to music the all of a sudden its 11 and so I fall asleep then the cycle repeats haha I should really do something with my life haha

    1. hahhah I've been trying hard to be productive after 5 weeks off college not doing much xx

  3. I love PJ days! I like tidy my space or my room before anything I set up for the day. It really clear my mind too! Another things that seems to improve my day, is to make my bed in the morning. I don't know why but is like I set the first goal of the day! I really enjoyed reading your post! ♥

    Federica |

  4. Aw thank you so much! And same, making my bed makes me feel so much cleaner and ready for the day. Thank you for reading💟Xx


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