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How To Brighten Up A Dull Day

Thursday, 30 July 2015

It's still summer in England but it's certainly not sunny and warm, its dull and rainy. I put together and outfit and some little things I like to do to make myself feel more summery.

I think adding some fresh flowers to your space just brightens your mood and it add some fresh smells. I like doing this on dull days because most of the time I'm just sat in my room and that can get you down considering you're om holiday and the weathers gross so you're inside. I picked these from my mams garden and the smells of the sweet peas and lavender just really make me feel so much more happy and brings the outdoors in; when getting flowers I always go for something bright, just to add of pop of colour to your space and day.

I always reach for a scent that reminds me of summer when it's dull because its so nostalgic and it instantly picks me up. This vanilla one reminds me of being in the park on a hot day because that's when I used to spray it most; by putting this on it just makes me feel nicer and takes me back to an actual summers day. Also I just think when you smell nice you feel better, so you're happier and feel a lot more confident.

Just because the weathers dull doesnt mean your outfit has to be. I decided to throw on these cute, printed shorts from ASOS because they reminded me of the flowers and they are so fun a bright. I paired it with this crochet top because this is so on trend this summer so it reminds me of festivals and just summer fashion. Obviously I took out a cardigan and put tights on because you still have to be practical but you dont have to compromise a fun outfit, just add warmer layers. I think layering patterns and textures of summer and warmer accessories it just creates a really bright and fun outfit but its still accessible in English weather.

On duller days I still dont want dull makeup, so to cheer myself up I'll add a brighter lip like this red or an illuminating base like this one from simple. I think adding a bright lip just lifts your face and is a fun change from a nude. I was always scared to wear red lips because I thought it might bring out my spots but I just conceal and then just not worry; I just think that red lips are fun and if I want to wear them I should just go for it! I also love putting this illuminating base on because it adds a really nice glow to my skin. I think glowy skin is great for a summer look because it brightens you up and makes you look so fresh.


  1. This is perfect for me right now, the weather has been so dull in England and it has been depriving me of that summery cheer. I think some flowers would do the trick.

    1. Same, the past few days have been so dull! Today has been better but I want warm weather!! :(


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