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How I Style: Bardot Tops

Wednesday, 29 July 2015
I put together 4 different outfit inspirations for bardot tops. They are everywhere right now and great for a summer outfit (even if it's raining today)

Outfit 1: 90's Style denim skirt.
I love the 90's style but Im not edgy enough to pull it off, so I put this outfit together, which is more my style. The skirt adds that 90's vibe and makes the look more casual and then the lace bardot top adds a feminine vibe. You could pair a skirt like this with any style of bardot top to get the same style, a stripy one would be so cute! I think the top can look a bit dressy because of the delicate lace, so paired with the light denim makes the look a lot more casual and easier to wear during the summer days. 

Outfit 2: 70's patterned shorts.
The 70's trend is all over now but I find some of the looks a bit extreme and the rusty oranges can be a bit hard to wear. I got these shorts from ASOS and I think they have that 70's vibe because of the yellow and the wallpaper style print but because of the darker background they are easier to style. These shorts are a culotte style so it also helps you be on trend with the culotte style but in a subtle way, if you're a bit shy. I think this look works well during the day or night, its perfect for a BBQ or summer party because the shorts make it laid back but the colours and the scallop lace dress it up a bit and add more detail.

Outfit 3: Tropical Inspired.
This outfit actually made me really sad because its so tropical and summery and im sat indoors because of the rain! Anyway, I thought this outfit is perfect for those who actually have nice, summer weather. Paired the bardot top with a summer patterned skirt instantly makes an on trend and colorful outfit. Sometime when styling a piece like this I feel like I should just wear jeans and let the top talk because of the detail of the lace and the cut of the top but I think paired with a summer pattern it creates a really fun look. I think this kind of outfit is a perfect alternative to a dress; it looks put together like a dress would but it has a more fun feel because of the cropped style and clashing of pattern and textures.

Outfit 3: Patterned trousers.
This has to be my favorite look  because its so easy to wear but it looks really fresh and summery. Usually I'd pair this trousers with just a plain, black jumper because I think the trousers are loud enough, however with this top they look so much more fresh! I think because the top shows more skin and is white it has a summery feel and the lace adds texture, then paired with the tile pattern of the trousers is creates a really light look. I think trousers look more put together, so this would be perfect for an event or a date night and the top just give the look a more feminine vibe. Its really fun and super easy to change up depending on the pieces you have.


  1. I love that tropical skirt, all these outfits look so good :)


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