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Books For People Who Don't Read

Sunday, 26 July 2015
For me I find reading quite hard because I find getting into a story and getting to know characters hard. I've tried audio books, which are easier but you don't get the satisfaction of finishing a book. SO I've gathered together 4 books that I really enjoyed and I think are easier and more enjoyable to read.

Alexa Chung- IT.  First is a bit of a cliche book around blogs and Instagram but it's really my style of book and it's worth a read.

The book is basically about Alexas life, style, memories etc, so if you have no interest in Alexa skip this one.

I think I enjoyed this book because I'm nosy and it really gives you insight into her life but in a fun way. Its full of old photos and drawings, as well as little quotes and anecdotes. I think the use of the photos really helped me build up images for the stories and broke up big blocks of text, this sounds dumb but it made the book a lot more enjoyable for me.

Monica Sabolo- All Of This Has Nothing To Do With Me. 

This book is slightly harder to understand at first but if you do a little research at reviews to get a grip of the basic story, it's a really interesting and different book to read.

I enjoy stories and fiction but I find novels quite intimidating but this book tells the story of a manic break-up through texts, emails, pictures and conversations. The story is broken up into snippets told from various sources and I found this a much easier style to read because it gives you help to build up the characters.
The general theme of a depressing break-up is portrait really well by the pages of photos. Its obvious that the woman writing is finding it hard
to let go and this is shown by these images that are kept memories.

Like the Alexa Chung book I think this works because I'm nosy, and in this case it's as if you are rummaging through memories with her, like a friend. I found this book a lot more personal and I could really gel with the character without actually getting a full story.

Overall it's a good book for those who may find big texts harder to get into and like a more personal character, or for those who enjoy a different take on a love story.

Mark Haddon- The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time.

This book has got to be my all time favourite book.It follows a boy with Asperger during the search for the dog killer and other events, that I dont want to spoil. That description doesn't do the book justice.

Anyway, I think this book is great for those who dont like reading so much because of the style of writing and what you can learn from the book.
 The book is writing in the mindset of someone with Asperger, so sometimes its like one long train of thought.Its not written overly complex, it's very straight to the point. which portrays the mind set of someone with Asperger.
I say you can learn from this book because I read this and my mam did before my brother was diagnosed with Asperger but by reading it we found so many similarities that it did eventually lead to us getting him properly diagnosed. I think the book portrays the mindset really well and for me it helped me understand it more. The boy in it struggles with telling emotions and fixates on one topic, which are general signs of Asperger, I think reading the book from the mindset of someone with it gives you a better insight and therefore you know how hard it can be.

I think this is a great book for those who don't like reading because it really puts you into the mindset of someone else, through imagery and writing style and you are learning while reading it, making it more interesting

Susanna Kaysen- Girl, Interrupted. 

I chose this as the final book because its a more traditional style than the others. This is just written like a normal diary but I think this book is easier to read than most because its shorter and surrounding a more interesting subject.

The book covers Susanna's mental health struggles and her time in hospital. I think this is such an interesting topic to read about, so for me it was easier to read.

I think this is just a general tip to make reading easier, find characters or stories that interest you. I enjoy mental health so I read this and found it easier than most books, so find a topic that interests you and that should make books easier.


  1. Although I love reading I think I will give these books a try because they look so unique.
    Stay fabulous x
    Y //

    1. Thank you for the first comment on my blog! (im excited ahha) I hope you like them, they are such a good read.
      Glad I found your blog too! xx


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