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4 Easy College Outfits

Monday, 27 July 2015
I remember starting my first year of college and searching for easy outfits to wear but a lot wear people who were a lot more confident and chic than me, so I thought I'd put together some easy outfits using staple pieces that most people will have a variation of.

Outfit One- Shirt And Jeans Combo:
This combination is so easy and it really looks as if you've put effort in, when really its just two pieces. I just added a big scarf (warm and can be used as a blanket for those really tired days) and my everyday college bag. Layering up simple items creates a more interesting outfit, so when i bought my college bag I made sure it had a nice pattern on, this way that can be the focus of the look and I can just wear simple items but look put together. The shirt is from Zara, it's just a simple cream, striped shirt but I liked this one because it has different detailed stripes as well as pockets. Again this simple extras just add more interest. Then I paired in with Topshop Leigh jeans because they are skinny so makes an outfit more sleek but they are a really soft material so you don't have the uncomfortable jean feeling. 

Outfit Two- Simple Stripe Top:

A striped top is a staple in anyone's wardrobe but for college its really a must! They are so simple and easy to wear but add more interest to a look compared to just a plain colour top. You can get so many variations so its really simple to just stock up and chuck them on when you've slept in but you still look put together. In this look I opted for a more baggy, V-neck styled top from Zara, with some Joni jeans and just more normal bag. The baggy top tucked into the jeans just gives the outfit a little more edge and thought to it and then paired with the statement bag looks so much more organised when really you got dressed in 5 minutes.

Outfit Three- Comfy Dress/Romper Layered: 

This outfit is my go to when its the end of a week and I really cant be bothered to try and look nice. I paired my Topshop Romper with this H&M oversized shirt because the romper is super comfy and it allows me to curl up on seats when I feel like napping and the shirt adds layers so I look more put together and I can be comfy and warm. I then layer the same ASOS scarf because it makes me really snugly and again I can pitch up for a nap anywhere I want. This look is really simple and you can use any variations like dresses or skirts and then in the winter just swap out the shirt for an oversized jumper.

Outfit Four- Classic Jumper And Jeans:

I gave two options here; the grey, lace jumper is a more summer/September option because its more light and the lace adds a more girly edge, which is perfect for that in between summer/autumn weather. Then the fluffy jumper is a more autumn/winter look because it has the duller, more burnt colour and the fluffy texture that adds warmth. I think stocking up on jumpers is a great idea because you spend more time in college in the winter than summer because of study leave and they are so easy and slouchy. I always go for one with a bit of detail, like fluff or lace because it adds texture to an outfit and its more interesting to layer with. Also is the jumper has detail it means you dont have to add extras to make an outfit look put together!

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